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We want to build kitchens that work well for the cook. They must look good, fit with the building and room that they are in, and last. First and foremost must be the practical use of the kitchen. It is for preparing food, cooking and storing food. It should be a pleasure to use and 'work' for the person cooking. As such we recognise the absolute importance of listening to the customers requirements, and are able to offer advice or direction, if needed, from building kitchens over a period of twenty five years.

It has also now become a 'social centre' of the home; as such it must be easy on the eye and be comfortable to be in. It should make a room a place that is a pleasure to use. It must be aesthetically pleasing. It should last. We build framed kitchens. That is to say that each length of cabinet is a piece of furniture. This frame is traditionally mortised and tenoned together. All the doors are through tenoned and wedged. We use butt hinges, brass or cast iron, as these are simple, strong and don't sag. We have also used decorative 'T hinges'. Drawers can be made the traditional dovetailed way, that is well fitted and gliding smoothly on hardwood sides, or using a dovetailed drawer, but suspended on ball bearing drawer runners. When it is a practical use we will apply modern ironmongery or technology if it is a well-made improvement.