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With evidence that the Egyptians were using various joints such as mitres and shoulder mitres, dovetails and halving joints from as early as the Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BC), and that during the Mycenaean Age (c.1600-1200 BC) in Greece much decorated furniture was made, it is apparent that the use of wood for furniture has been with us for at least 4,500 years.

Trees are beautiful. They also provide shade, shelter, habitat, (an oak tree may sustain around 100 different insects), food, nuts and fruit, anchor the soil and help convert carbon dioxide to oxygen whilst living. When cut down or fallen they go on providing habitat and also fuel (a truly renewable resource that is 100% sustainable). Our use of wood and timber has been with Man for as long as he has walked the Earth. It must be one of the most familiar of materials, used to make thousands of different items ranging from matches and toothpicks, furniture, houses, cars, planes, small boats to ships. It is a truly wonderful material.

Our attitude to furniture is that it should have beauty and appeal in its function. We can make traditional and contemporary furniture, but always with properly formed joints. It is our intention to work closely with our client to ensure that what is a thought or idea of form, becomes that idea in three dimension.