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Environmental Policy

We are committed and dedicated to working towards a sustainable future. Our home is 100% heated with wood, recognised as being zero carbon.

We have planted some 3000 trees and hedgerow plants in the last five years. We have a coppice scheme of native trees for our heating fuel. This includes willow and hazel, and we are looking at the possibilities of 'green wood furniture'. All workshop off-cuts go to heat and shavings and sawdust are composted and used as mulch for trees and hedgerows.

Our preference is for using European timbers, as this will save on transport; we have used local (Jersey grown timber) on occasion, where there is a suitable tree that can be air-dried.

We have often used old timber for kitchens, lintels or doors; and are very happy to do so, to re-use. Our timber comes with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp of approval, which means that the timber is being grown and harvested in a sustainable, responsible manner.

All of our work is built with the attitude of 'The best we can do', so that it may last as long as possible. Our furniture is made with the idea that it may be 'tomorrows antique'.

Our workshop is well insulated and rarely needs to be heated. The new windows are either double or triple glazed. We like to, and have used natural paint and oils on some furniture.