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About Us

Nigel Radcliffe, the managing director of the company has been working on buildings for the past 33 years. He became a member of 'The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings' (S.P.A.B.) in 1999. He is a time served carpenter, joiner and cabinet-maker. The interest in making 'one off' pieces has led to there being hundreds of examples of his furniture in the island, and some have gone to European countries.

It was during the total renovation of a group of farm outbuildings, that became known as Three Barns, that he realised there was a large gap in his knowledge on Ancient Buildings. Having a very strong feeling for Jersey's Heritage and its beautiful granite farmhouses, he determined to improve his knowledge.

During 2000- 2004 he undertook a part-time MSc Post Graduate course in Building Conservation at Bournemouth University. This course included the study of 'The History of Buildings, Medieval Timber Framed Buildings, Roofing materials, Brickwork, Stonework, Metalwork, Decay in Buildings, Lime Plasterwork, Tiles, Paint finishes, including Gilding, and the Science of Repair'. As part of this course he has done detailed measuring & recording of joinery work in Jersey, which has proved very helpful in restoration work. Recently the firm has built a new house that was been inspired from the Arts & Crafts period. An eclectic use of style and materials has been used

Our Aim

We wish to provide a knowledgeable and comprehensive service in the conservation, restoration and repair of Buildings, whilst working to the highest standard. We recognise that the repair of old and ancient buildings demands the most sensitive and careful application of a high degree of skill. We bring to new work knowledge of the past history of building, so that an eclectic choice may be used whether it is dynamic or subtle.